Top Five, August 11, 2015

1. You Must Remember This, a podcast about Hollywood's "first hundred years" that combines cultural, social, political, and cinematic history, super smart and well-written

2. Superiority Burger's little veggie burgers wrapped up in brown paper, and everything else there. This is how I put it on Twitter, and it's true: eating a superiority burger is like eating a baby, if a baby were a veggie burger: unctuous, tender, delightful, and swaddled in a soft bun.

3. Running in Prospect Park

4. Orange wine

5. Anteater in a sweater and baby kangaroo, dramatic music:

Top Five, October 16, 2014

  1. Real fall weather
  2. Raymond Burr as an intensely calm, intensely terrifying stalker in Pitfall (1948)
  3. Lizabeth Scott, playing hope and resignation with equal precision in Pitfall (1948), leading one to wonder why she was never as big as Lauren Bacall 
  4. Cecil Beaton, The Glass of Fashion
  5. Fievel Mousekewitz, "Somewhere Out There"